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About Me

I am a technical lead developer/architect with 17 years of experience in delivering solutions that meet both the technical and business needs of the customer. Both my Dutch and English are fluent and I am well versed in communicating with people from all departments and at all levels of the organization.

For the past 7 years I have been leading teams of people with different backgrounds and skill sets and enabling them to work creatively and productively together on business solutions tailored to the customer's specific needs.

I enjoy acting as a bridge between business and development teams and guiding my team in the design and implementation of architectural designs that combine the best technologies and solutions for the challenges at hand.

As a programmer I specialize in .NET technology stack in all its flavors, including (but in no way limited to): Windows Azure (Cloud), C#, MVC, Entity Framework, WCF and client-side frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS and Knockout.

Working closely with my customers enables me to find answers that cater to both the technical demands and the business case requirements of the project. I especially enjoy working on demanding projects that require bringing complex requirements into focus and finding the best solution.

What I Do

Cloud / Azure

Building scalable and decoupled solutions using the Microsoft Azure stack.

Leading Teams

Guiding, coaching and leading the development team. Communicating with the client for progress and managing expectations.

Technical Analysis

Bringing the technical requirements and solutions together with the functional specifications by analyzing the technical possibilities.


Designing modular and decoupled solutions.


Create large scale and performant company critical web applications.

My recent projects


Internet of Things

Analysis, design and development of the Priva Operator cloud application. The Operator application is a multi-tenant, highly available and scalable SAAS application used by ~100k active users per day. It both monitors and controls the sustainable climate and energy management for customers in the horticulture industry via the Internet of Things.

Technologies: IoT Hub, Event Hubs, Web Apps, Web Jobs, Azure Storage (Blob, Queue and Table), Redis, Service Bus, Signal-R, ARM templates, VSTS
Tasks: Technical analysis, architecture, development

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Cloud migration

Moving several applications and web services from on-premise to Azure. Setting up ALM, CI & CD using VSTS, Release Management and ARM templates.

Technologies: Azure Resource Manager, Web Apps, Azure SQL Database, Storage (Blob, Tables and Queues), VSTS
Tasks: Technical analysis, architecture, team lead, development

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Reed Business Information

Integrated help

Analysis, design and implementation of the integration between Nextens (fiscal applications) and Fiscaal Totaal (fiscal content) using a micro services architecture consisting of PAAS components.

Technologies: Web API v2, Web Apps, Web Jobs, DocumentDB, Redis, Azure Resource Manager, Storage (Blob + Queues), MVC5, TFS2015
Tasks: Functional + technical analysis, architecture, development

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Service bus integration

Design and implementation of the communication/synchronization of the back-end systems (Sitecore, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM).

Technologies: Azure Service Bus, Azure Web Jobs, Azure Web Apps, MVC5, EF6, Azure SQL
Tasks: Azure Team Lead, Technical Analyst, Architect

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Leveraging decoupled communication between CRM, the ultimaker.com website, Dynamics AX and a database by creating a Web API.

Technologies: Azure API App, Web API v2, Swagger, EF v6, Azure SQL Database, CRM, WCF
Tasks: Lead developer

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Azure resource deployments and automation

Analyzing, designing and implementing the deployment strategies for all Azure Resources for the Public Cloud proposition of KPMG International.

Analyzing, designing and implementing Visual Studio Online strategy.

Technologies: Azure components and services, Azure Resource Groups, Azure Resource Manager, JSON templates, RBAC, Azure Automation (Runbooks and Webhooks), VNETs, Subnets, Network Security Groups, PowerShell, Visual Studio Online
Tasks: technical analysis, design, configuration, implementation and integration of Azure component and service deployments

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Reed Elsevier

Customer portal

Creating the Customer Portal for the Nextens tax declaration Cloud proposition of Reed Business. With the Customer Portal, end users can upload and provide context over the documents required for the tax declaration, which will be used by the accountants using the Nextens program.

Technologies: Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC5,Web API v2, EF6, C#, jQuery, Bootstrap, FluentValidation, AutoMapper
Tasks: Technical Analysis, Architecture, Team Lead, Lead Developer, Deployment, Integration
Methodologies: Agile

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Reed Elsevier


Creating functionalities being part of one of the sprint teams for the Nextens tax declaration Cloud proposition of Reed Business. Guiding the update process of the renewal of Bootstrap v2 with Bootstrap v3.

Technologies: Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC5,Web API, EF6, C#, jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout
Tasks: Lead Developer
Methodologies: SCRUM

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Reed Elsevier


Facilitating adding commentaries to the available law articles. By combining O365 as a repository for editor written content in Word documents, analyzing the metadata and storing the comments and both its metadata and relations in FAST, the Fiscaal Totaal website can retrieve the data and display it.

Technologies: C#, O365, FAST, ASP.NET Forms
Tasks: Technical Analysis, Architecture, Team Lead, Lead Developer, Integration
Methodologies: Agile

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Internal client portal

Creating an internal application for Alrec to facilitate their international customer base (like Nike, Samsung, Philips, Samsonite etc) to view, manage, design and order their Display, Shop-in-Shop and Brand Store solutions.

  • Creating custom ordering functionalities, integration and its workflows
  • Integrating a custom-built Unity design plugin with the application
  • Connect the designed configurations to the order processing pipeline

Technologies: C#, MVC5, EF6, SQL Server, jQuery, Bootstrap
Tasks: Technical Analysis, Lead Development, Integration
Methodologies: Agile

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International expansion

Team lead for the international expansion (DE, UK, ES) of the HEMA online channels (mobile websites, regular websites and app).

Technical analysis the existing HEMA websites providing new functionalities and adding (mobile) websites and apps for new markets/countries, meeting the deadline, creating a good atmosphere and working environment within the team, achieving the set goals with the team, progress meetings and managing expectations with the client.

Technologies: MOSS 2007, ASP.NET, C#, Commerce Server 2009, jQuery, xRM, TFS
Services: FredHopper, Ogone
Tasks: Technical Analysis, Team Lead, Lead Developer, Deployment
Methodologies: Agile

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Douwe Egberts Master Blenders 1753

Internal enterpise application

Recreating the Enterprise-wide Pricing and Trading Allowance System (Eptas) business application, using the latest technologies of the Windows Azure technology stack, developing on Windows Azure VM's and using TFS for Continuous Integration.

Front end is built with MVC4 on a Web Role and secured by custom Authorization via WAAD connected to an Office 365 tenant. Data is provided in two different ways: CRUD screens (with Slickgrid) and import (by using ExcelDataReader), and is validated by a custom DataAnnotations framework.

Input is dispatched via a Queue and processed/calculated by a Worker Role to decouple front end from data intensive tasks/high workload.
Final results are two reports: a Reporting Service report (served by a Report Viewer in the front end) and a PowerPivot report.

Technologies: Windows Azure (WAAD, SQL Server, Table Storage, Queues, Team Foundation Service, Reporting Services, Web Roles, Worker Roles, Virtual Machines), .NET 4.5, C#, MVC4, EF5, DataAnnotations, PowerPivot, jQuery, SlickGrid, ExcelDataReader, JSON, Bootstrap
Tasks: Team Lead, Lead Developer
Methodologies: Agile

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Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants


NBA is the merger of NOvAA and NIVRA (Dutch Accountants associations).

Defining the architectural landscape for the current and future websites of NBA , implementation, team lead.

Implemented using EPiServer CMS 6 R2.
Sites are HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.
Page types defined via PageTypeBuilder.
All images via EPiImage (like carrousel, images in content etc).
Dynamic Content which can be used by Content Editors to add extra information/functionalities.
Use of Pro6PP web service to leverage address and geographic functionalities.
Created architectural guidelines for exchanging data between NBA and the web sites.

Corporate presence website.
Mapping POX web services using AutoMapper.
Using jQuery and various plugins to provide a rich user experience.

MijnNBA.nl + MijnStagebureau.nl
Corporate membership website.
Custom authentication and authorization, using custom ASP.NET Membership and Role Providers.
Mapping POX web services using AutoMapper.
Enabling back office forms via a custom proxy.

NBAOpleidingen.nl + NBAVRC.nl
Website containing the courses portfolio for accountants. Visitors can register for available courses.
SSIS imports data from an external database (via flat files) and creates a new database which can be used to retrieve the necessary data.
Used EF 4.1 to interact with the courses database, via custom entities and the fluent API.
Used Json, PURE and jQuery for a rich, fast and interactive way to view and filter the courses.
Custom authentication and authorization, using custom ASP.NET Membership and Role Providers.
Mapping POX web services using AutoMapper.
Using a shared codebase to prevent double code and maximise re-use and a stable, extendable and easy to maintain codebase.

Campaign presence website
Implementing a rich design
Aggregated data views

Technologies: EPiServer CMS, ASP.NET, C#, EF 4.1, jQuery, JSON, Google Maps API v3, HTML5
Tasks: Team Lead, Lead Developer, Architect
Methodologies: Agile

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Contact Me

Feel free to drop me a line. I will respond in the evenings or in the weekend, as I am busy working for my client during working hours.

[email protected]